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Tea is more than just a drink

We Understand The Importance Of A Tasty Cup Of Tea

Be it the long meaningful conversations, book reading sessions, or a heavy downpour, there are multitude of such situations that easily become moments-to-remember with a steaming cup of tea. A special blend of tea enlivens every cell of one’s being, and to create such special blends, Garnet Glow is forever committed.

We Don’t Just Sell Tea, We Sell Aromatic Experiences

We understand how important and personal your break times are for you, and that nothing should ruin your me-time, least of all a lousy drink. We, at Garnet Glow are the makers of YOUR tea. Think of us as a comprehensive tea farm, growing an array of tea-kinds. All you have to do is pick your flavours and the desired tea-base, and we will customize the blend, staying mindful of your taste preferences.

Our Flavoured Tea Blends Are Magical Concoctions

Our niche lies in providing you with flavours that enrich and soothe your entire being. Therefore, when we are making custom-blends, we ALWAYS know what we are doing. We take the flavours chosen by you in quantities appropriate enough to fulfill the 3 basic requirements that make the best cup of tea.

Flavourful aroma
Right colouration
Optimum health benefits

We Deal With Only Best Quality Ingredients

We understand your love and obsession with tea, and we would do nothing to break it apart. Simply put, our blends comprise of best of agents from the tea-famous countries- India, China and Japan. We don’t sell what we don’t believe in.

Tea is a moment-creator