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We make every effort to ensure our customers' satisfaction. However, in case you are not happy with your subscription tea selection, we will send you a replacement with your next shipment at no extra cost.

Tea Hobbyist Plan

You have just discovered the wonderful world of flavourful teas. Take your enthusiasm a step further with our Tea Hobbyist Plan.

100 g tea every month I Makes 50-60 cups

Tea Pro Plan

You know your tea varieties like no one else. Tease your palate with new and exciting flavours every month with our Tea Pro Plan.

200 g tea every month I Makes 100-120 cups

Tea Addict Plan

You can't imagine life without tea - the elixir of your life. Elevate your tea drinking experience with our Tea Addict Plan.

400 g tea every month I Makes 200-240 cups



Finest quality tea leaves selected for delicacy and flavors, packaged to preserve maximum freshness


Vast selection of carefully picked base teas and exotic flavors to create that perfect cup of sereni-tea


Experience vitality and goodness of nature in every sip. It's a taste like you've never had before!


  • I ordered a pack of Blooming Tea from Garnet Glow, and I was blown away by the packaging itself. When I prepared the tea, I was completely awestruck by the way in which leaves unfurled when I added them to a cup of hot water. About the taste, well what can I say, I am an addict now, and I love this healthy addiction. Great work, team!

    Jenna- Mumbai, India

  • My Coconut Darjeeling tea arrived about a week back and I just canít get enough of it! Every sip of this amazing flavoured tea etches a lasting experience on my heart. Thanks for bringing all these special, exotic flavours on one single platform!

    Raunak- Jaipur, India

  • Tea for me is like oxygen and whenever possible, I am always exploring for more and more variants of this gorgeous gift to mankind. And when I came across this website, you canít fathom how excited I was. I ordered 4 different variants and it goes unsaid, I love them all!! Great job, Garnet Glow!

    Tom Lawson- New Jersey, US

Perfect Gift for Tea Drinkers

To gift a Garnet Glow subscription, please email us at support@garnetglow.com